Thursday, February 17

Prompt #12: What is your favorite day of the week?

Haven't done one of these in a long time...

I had a hard time picking (go figure), so I chose 2.

After spending a majority of my years in school dreading Mondays because of, well, school, I have now come to love Mondays. It was something I had to consciously work on. After spending most of my life hating Mondays it became ingrained. I spent some time pondering the day and discovered that Monday is really a great day because it is a fresh start. It just feels good to get up and start the week right. Get a good breakfast, be super productive at work, exercise, hang out with the fam, get all the cleaning done...I am so productive on Mondays!

This is totally ingrained from years loving Friday nights because it meant the weekend. Now even though I work on Saturdays, I still love Friday. I become giddy at work just because it is Friday. The whole world is good and great. I imagine that the sun is shining, even though it usually isn't. If I'm doing something with friends I actually prefer to do it Friday over Saturday just because Friday feels like the night you go out.

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