Thursday, February 17

LM and his future

Me: How many kids do you want to have LM? (after discussing how many brothers and sisters he wanted)

LM: I think 10, 10 would be easy-piesy (rhyming)

Me: What will you name your kids?

LM: Superheros, they will all have regular names, but you can call any of them Superhero. There will be Spiderman, Superman, Superwoman...

Me: Where will you live? I know you love Oregon and Ohio.

LM: Hmm...Mom, where do they have earthquakes?

Me: In California

LM: I think I will live in California.

Me: Why?

LM: Because I want to fix the roads and train tracks and stuff like Superman.

Me: You will have to be very strong to do that.

LM: I know. I have to work on my muscles.

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