Tuesday, February 23

Just in case you were wondering...

I thought I would put up a few pics of the potential new house. Once again, I'm kind of superstitious about getting too serious before the closing date, esp since it is 3 months away, so I'm going against one of my personal rules by putting up pictures already!

The house is a tri-level with 3 beds, 2 baths.

This is the entryway from the perspective of the formal living room. If you were to go straight from the entryway as opposed to turning into the living room, you would end up in the kitchen. (by the way-that wall paper will be one of the first things to go, thankfully they only put wallpaper in two areas and it is very very minimal)

This is the kitchen table we get with the house--I just have a hard time imagining any other table matching just as well. You can see the formal dining room off the kitchen, and the doorway on the left leads to the upper deck area.

You look into the family room from the kitchen--I love the huge sliding doors leading out to the deck. One thing this house isn't lacking is big beautiful windows. When you come in from the garage you enter the laundry room which leads into the family room. (left hand side of room)

Backyard-the upper deck area is accessible from the kitchen, the lower part from the family room, and then they are connected. It is a great size.
Another perspective of the backyard. One of the nice aspects is it is all fenced in with full grown shrubbery the gives privacy.

The upstairs isn't too exciting. Two smaller rooms on the front of the house with a bathroom. On the back of the house the master bed and bath. Thankfully there is a walk-in closet, but it really isn't as big as I want.


Aubrey said...

That house looks awesome - the big windows/sliding doors will be so nice for taking pictures inside! Hope everything works out w/ the buying process!

Amy said...

Love it! It looks so bright and cheery! Can't you just picture LM playing in the backyard?

Bill W said...

Having a walk-in closet as big as you want would require us to buy the neighbor's house as well...some day baby...some day.

The Peton's said...

That house looks great! Awesome yard. Best of luck with everything.

We've put offers on 3 houses so far. For some reason, there are sellers out there who still think it's 2007. We've got one in the pipes right now. Hope it goes well.

Prestwich Family said...

It looks fantastic Becca! I am really excited for you guys. I remember the feeling of finally getting a house. So fun!