Tuesday, February 23

Some funny stories

Last night for dinner LM had 1 frozen waffle, 1 hotdog, 1/2 a can of kidney beans, and 1 whole tomato.

I bought pads the other day, and LM was devastated that I bought "diapers" for myself. "Mom-you pee your pants?! You need to hold it!"

Who would have thought a bra put on backwards and crossed straps in the front could be a rocket pack?

He changed his shirt yesterday because his shirt was wet (if his shirt or pants get even a little bit wet or dirty he MUST change them). He came out wearing a sweater vest-just a sweater vest, so it was like a little sweater tank. It looked hilarious.

His favorite shirt to wear is actually one of mine-it's bright pink and looks like a dress on him. And I do let him wear it out much to Bill's dismay. The reason he likes it is because it has the wild things on the front from the book, so at least it is a good reason.


Art Tart said...

Loved this post! I can just imagine Will running around the house with your bra on backwords. Classic! And I'm seriously thinking about those booty panties. It's about time I had some shape back there. :)Allie.

Amy said...

Oh...my....goodness!!! So funny!