Monday, September 6

did anything happen this summer?

Ok well Bill graduated...

  • The photo of Bill with both diplomas was horrible--it was such a sunny day his eyes really weren't even open. However he did in fact walk in two graduations back to back
  • That brings up the next point-LM obviously didn't make it through both. He fell asleep during the law graduation and continued to sleep even afterward, even with the bagpipes playing! (and they were loud)
  • Had to say goodbye to Allie and Hyrum who left for ID right after graduation. At least they'll be back for a little bit more! (1 of our only friends who graduated at the same time as Bill, most graduated the year before)
  • Best part of graduation...brunch in between business and law graduations, provided by business school at a very hefty price. But oh so worth it.
By the way, in case you were wondering the four years went so very fast for me. Apparently not so fast for Bill.

Oh and congrats babe-you are now almost smarter than me

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