Monday, September 6

It's time to update

So I took the summer off..partly intentional, partly not. I wanted a break from some of the electrical time wasters in my life (tv and internet) and I moved so everything took time to set back up anyway. I still checked my e-mail and viewed different internet sites (bank and some shopping) on my phone, but tried not to go further than that. Keeping it to the phone made it easy to not use. As far as tv goes, we don't have tv. Well we have a tv, but we don't have any type of cable/programming. So I didn't watch much-there's never much on during the summer anyway .

Well it is fall again and I'm ready to blog. However the tv is out for good--this was always the plan when we moved.

Over the next few days I'm hoping to publish a series of posts detailing some of my favorites from other the summer. Enjoy!

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