Wednesday, March 24

Some additional notes

In follow-up to some of the questions in comments...

TV--I do love watching shows, but hate that I love them. I really think tv sucks the life out of you slowly. And the more you watch, the more you need to watch (at least for me). I hate how hardly any shows are clean. But at the same time, I don't think I could give my tv up--although I will give up cable (we only have it now b/c it is free-I'm all too ready to cut that habit). I just wish tv had never been invented. And if there is something I'm dying to see, most of the time you can get it on the internet anyway. Oh and because I'm so compulsive once I start watching a series I feel an insane need to finish it--same thing with movies and books even if I don't like them. It's a curse.

Clocks--I hate my obsession with time. It is true that I hate being late and like things to be nice and orderly, but I hate it. I've had to work really hard to even handle it a little bit, so I wish it would just go away. Alas, I recognize the world could not function without it. But I still try to limit the amount I have--and hate it when people have an overwhelming amount.

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Abraham and Sara said...

I am completely insane about being on time. It is actually out of control. I always wonder why I care when NO ONE ELSE is ever on time. I don't think I'll ever change though :)