Tuesday, March 23

Prompt #8: Name some things you are thankful for

A rather cliche idea I would say. So I'm taking the opportunity to really get nitty gritty with some of my favorite items beyond the obvious (I truly am grateful for my family, husband, church, etc--so don't get me wrong, just trying to really get the small things.)

vanilla stevia
positive energy and excitement
pride and prejudice
laundry detergent (and not b/c it washes my clothes, but b/c it gives me this weird high when I smell it--should I be admitting this? Maybe I have a problem. My family and roomies from college know this about me and obviously think I'm very strange. I've been known to carry around a little scoop of detergent. Oh-and this has existed since around age 3, one of my earliest memories)
the smell of old used books-yum! (I might have a smelling issue)
thunderstorms and the smell of fresh wet earth
comfy pants

And to spice things up, things I'm not grateful for...

dogs (now everyone will hate me)
the smell of used clothing stores
negative Nellys
trans fats and high fructose corn syrup

I'm curious-what are you thankful for or not thankful for?


Amy said...

when i was in third grade we had one of those tactile experiments where you were blind-folded and then had to touch things or smell things to guess what they were. When I got to the Tide I took a huge snort and totally got it all up my nose. It totally BURNED!!! I still like the smell...but I'm a bit more cautious nowadays.

LOL on your hate of high fructose corn syrup.

And, wait, you are NOT grateful for TV?

Jen said...

You definitely have some smell issues...but I don't think you're very strange. Or at least I didn't until the sentence about carrying around a scoop of detergent with you!! :)

I also am not grateful for dogs, so at least one person does not hate you. Great list...although I wouldn't have thought clocks would be on your list of "nots" given your tendency for timeliness. I love posts like this that give new insights to old friends...

Max O. said...

The detergent thing is just messed up. Here's an idea--maybe you could mix the detergent with some water and put it in a perfume bottle, then just spray it on.

p.s. man I hate dogs. hate hate.

Kelli Boyd said...

Bec, you forgot to mention the times that you TASTED your laundry detergent... I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a little bit alarming...:-)

And I don't like dogs much either.