Thursday, March 25


Everyone knows how much I love memories now, so I might as well dive back into a couple I've been thinking about lately.

It has been 1 year since I went to Cambodia, and I can honestly say it still feels like it was yesterday. I really love that country. And I really want to go back...with Bill...and LM. It's just one of those things I can't get off my mind. Every once in awhile I hear a song off my Cambodia bike riding playlist and it brings all the memories back. For a special treat I use some of the awesome body wash I used while there--the smell overwhelms me (here we go on smell again).

I just spent some time looking over my posts and pictures from the trip. I still don't feel like I adequately expressed my feelings about how amazing the trip was, in so many different ways. Since then I've been lucky to speak for a couple different groups and connect with lots of other people to keep the work going.

I do love traveling, but I think one thing that made this trip even better was the whole purpose behind it and the sacrifice that went into it. Working hard-seeing the outcome--it just makes everything worthwhile and very fulfilling. It reminded me of someone I've always been but had forgotten about for a little while.

Next memory--quitting my job and staying home with LM. I was talking with some friends the other day, and they asked how it was going. It's still really hard. I was thinking it would become more natural-definitely wrong. I have to put a lot of effort into everyday. We try to fill the days with activity after activity, but it isn't the same as having "tasks" to complete. You would think it was more fun to just do activities-but too much of anything is overkill. I've found one of the best things for me is to find a friend and then hang out for hours on end. It's kind of funny because when I'm thinking of having a "playdate" it is really for me, not LM. (although he loves them too)

I'm still glad I quit. If not for me, for LM and Bill. It was the right thing. People have questioned if I should go back. Man I would love too, but I know I would let myself get sucked right back in. I'm kind of like that. And I still love it. The other thing is I'm not ready to start doing the whole Sunday thing again--did it for long enough. Being with LM more, supporting Bill better, having Sundays off--just a few of the great things. I was also able to take a fabulous photography class in fall, spend Christmas break with family and friends (and still use a discount to buy gifts!), clean to my heart's content, develop new/better friendships, update scrapbooks, and take an photoshop class to just name a few.

Can I do this for another 20 years? If I only had 1 kid, absolutely not. But I want to have more--I think you get busier then. For now I'm still doing the on-call thing. I'm enjoying it now more than ever. I'm hoping that when LM goes to preschool even more in fall I can pick up even more shifts to fill the time. And maybe pick up a few more hobbies...I'm always looking.

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Claudia said...

i hate admitting this but it is still hard staying home and not leaving the house for work. But I like you try to keep myself very busy with other stuff so that i don't go crazy. and great kids make it worth it too :) love reading your blog by the way.