Sunday, March 7

Prompt #6: Which puncuation do you use the most?

First it was commas, then semi-colons, now the horrible dash--at least I used the commas and semi-colons correctly. For me the dash has turned into whatever I need it to do. I'm completely and utterly addicted to it and see no reason to discontinue my use of it. I've even apologized to people who are just getting to know me through email, so they know what to expect. I do not use it formally or in business situations, but I do use it everywhere else--I'm sure you may have noticed by now. I use it a lot as a comma or semi-colon, so I guess I'm really still overusing them.

Since I'm talking about grammar-I have to mention that as I've gotten older my grammar has actually gotten worse instead of better. And this is purposeful. In middle school, high school, and college writing is crammed into your head. I really got into it--me, love rules? who would have guessed? (extreme sarcasm)--I was actually a writing tutor in college and took many advanced writing courses. I loved it-and to do it "write" (haha) you have to know the rules. I used to be a little dictator as far as it went to grammar--esp when it came to emails. I hate inefficient communication. Well, as I've gotten older I've learned to tolerate bending the rules because I want the language to work for me, instead of me working for the language. My writing wasn't exactly how I wanted it-so I started to twist and shape it's form to fit me. Sometimes I am a little too casual, although appropriately. But even in business type e-mails I don't follow all the rules if it needs to be reshaped a little. What I love about this idea of writing is that it is only possible if you truly know the rules first. Then you have a basis off of which to shape your writing from that point forward. Anyway...there's my writing philosophy.

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