Sunday, March 7


Now there's a title to get people's attention. If there is one area in women's lives that we neglect, I feel it is this. I cannot name the number of times I've helped a friend or customer find a new outfit only to discover their undergarments were in shambles. Why do we neglect this? Just because most people don't see it does not justify the lack of attention. I would argue that how we feel underneath is connect to our outside appearance. I'm also shocked by the number of people who complain about shape, lack of, or sagging only to discover they buy their bras at Walmart.

I went in to my annual bra fitting yesterday--yes, annual--it's like a doctor's appointment. Bras do wear out in one year-esp if you don't have very many. I usually have around 7, but they are still completely gone after a year. Now to the average person my bras look fine, but try them on after trying on a new bra, and there is a noticable difference. Who doesn't love a fresh, new, tight, supportive bra?

I had an image to go along with this post-but Bill stopped me from putting it up (rightfully so). It was a picture from girls camp, 3 of us decided to take a picture of ourselves wearing cute boxers, bras, and whistles around our necks. It seemed so innocent at the time--in fact I have it in my scrapbook. I guess it is a little strange now that I think about it--I might need to take that out before LM gets too old. I might scar him.

***If you are looking for a fabulous bra fitting I recommend Nordstrom (who would have guessed?). I know many people love VS, but I have mixed feelings about them. I think they are really good at finding bras for people who don't have a lot of the problems I've mentioned above. For anyone with a bigger, smaller, sagging, etc chest I think they just don't get it right. My personal fit specialist at the Salem store is Sally. She has worked with the company for many years and has seen everything! She helps many members, so she is familiar with our particular undergarment issues :) The best way to get a fitting at Nordstrom is to actually set an appointment so you will get the personalized service you enjoy--just give them a call. Also (as if I haven't plugged it enough) coming up on March 19th is Nordstrom Fits America. For every bra purchased that day, Nordstrom donates $2 to a breast cancer foundation. Because it is so crazy that day, they actually take pre-sell appointments where you go in, get fit, and pick out some new bras. Then they wait to ring them up until that day. They are taking appointments now for the big day-in fact that is what mine was. In fact, I always buy on that day, and it reminds me that it is time to buy again.


Brooke said...

Where do you go for your bra fitting? I've heard mixed reviews about various places that offer them.

The Peton's said...

I'm with you on the bra thing. However, I need a new bra. But the last couple of fittings I've had they have measured me too small. My boobs bust outta the top, and I end up having to return the darn thing.

And yes, it was wise to listen to the husband. That picture sounds like it needs to disappear. I have a girls camp picture of me and some friends sunning in our bras. My beehive sister found us and took a picture right as I flipped her off. So, there I am, the bishop's daughter, caught in a picture in my bra whilst flipping the bird. Hilarious!!

Trish said...

This is so true. It's like my sock drawer. I hate it. I have so many mismatched socks in there that I swear I will replace and never do. I also have socks that I have said that it will be the last time I will wear them and they keep showing up. Socks are cheap. Just throw them out and start over! I also feel this way about dish towels. They cost nothing and I have way too many that I have bleached the heck out of.

becca said...

Trish you are so right-socks and dish towels totally fall into the same category. That has actually inspired me to buy socks with a passion. And if I can't find socks for LM, I go out and buy about 10.

Kelli Boyd said...

Bec, does Nordstrom sell nursing bras? I'm having a heck of a time finding good nursing bras in my size. (Insert blush here...)