Monday, March 8


Sometimes I feel lucky that my husband is in law school--how else could I justify the wonderful evening I just had. After getting LM to bed, I watched "You've Got Mail" while I deep-cleaned/started to pack the kitchen. Both timeless chick flicks and cleaning are like comfort food for me--just seems to cleanse the soul. And then I got online to savor two fabulous e-mails from very dear friends. You know those long evenings where you talk for hours with girlfriends and you never want it to end? (book club) These alone evenings are just as crucial to my life as the others are. After an evening like that I can actually trick myself into thinking I'm sane.

Oh-and just for Sarah--who wouldn't love a "bouquet of newly sharpened pencils"


Sarah said...

Mmmmm! I wish I could have watched it with you. That movie IS like comfort food!

Art Tart said...

Speak of the Devil! Just this morning on my way to work I thought..."You know I think I'll watch You've Got Mail this weekend." My favorite show of all time. And Hyrum and I can both quote this show in our sleep!