Thursday, March 4

Prompt #5: 10 things I'd like to learn

As if there were only 10!
  • second language--I'm thinking Spanish
  • anything medical--I'll start small with a CPR class, maybe eventually some EMT classes, in my school.
  • how to build a house--This fascinates me. I know there is math involved; I love math. And I want to learn how to really work with my hands and create something, not really in an artistic way, but in a very specific, planned way.
  • photography--Anything and everything to add to what I already know.
  • yoga--This is going to require more strength and flexibility. I feel like I already know as much as I can learn with my current strength/flexibility. To improve I need to start with those things.
  • ski--At least I finally went!
  • slalom waterskiing--Can't wait for this summer
  • drive a boat for skiers--So I can pull Bill
  • unload and load a boat--Most nervous about backing up the car to the water.
  • trust others--This is something I want to improve on. I'm such a skeptic!
What do you want to learn?

1 comment:

Jen said...

When I saw the title of this post on my links, I expected the list to be much longer, knowing you and your ambitions. But you narrowed it down to some good ones!

p.s. I want to learn to be more ambitious. Can you teach me??