Friday, February 26

Bucket List AKA List of Things To Do Before You Die

I've mentioned this list before on my blog. Mine is already pretty long, very ambitious, and it grows everyday. It is something I've been working on since I was in high school. I recently reread my list to Bill and he actually had the nerve to laugh. I don't like it when people don't take my goals seriously. Of course this just challenges me even more to make sure and complete every item on the list. The list is not something I have in my head, I actually write it out. I have a copy on the computer, but then I also keep one on my i-phone. This allows me to add whenever I get inspiration and remind myself daily of my goals. My list includes things like attending certain Broadway shows or concerts, countries I want to visit, things I want to learn, etc. So I'm just wondering if other people have a list as well, and if so what's on your list? Hmm...sounds like a good book club discussion


Amy said...

I do!!!
I have my list written in my journal.

Prestwich Family said...

And it was a great book club discussion with the usually downer attitude from me! ;) Seriously I have never ever thought of making a bucket list and it actually made me really think about things.