Friday, February 26

Follow-Up of "Some Funny Stories" Post

This is the sweater vest outfit:

Some other cute sayings:

LM was asking me if I wanted to wear one of my watches, he said "Mom, do you want to wear a watch, be honest with me".

Whenever he can't make a decision on something (what to do for his b-day, what he wants, what treat to eat) he says "Let's think about it, ok mom". Which usually means he will never decide, and I have to just pick something.

"Mom, I love Ellen. And she is on American Idol, she has her very own show, and she was on Oprah!"

He loves to use the words "truly" and "surely". For example, "Mom I truly need to make a waffle." and "I surely do need it mom."

He has a fabulous imagination. Today he was pulling with the remotes to the tv/dvd player. Using the remotes to talk to each other, "Why do you have buttons all over you?" "I'm a remote".

I love when I'm frantically looking all over the house for his special blanket (nicknamed "ticklish blankie" by him because he likes to rub it on his face) and I finally remember of course it is in the freezer. He loves to cool his blanket down by putting it in there.

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Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! He is hilarious! Thank you for posting this!