Friday, February 26

Prompt #2: Can you live without electricity for a month?

I think I could, and it even sounds fun. You guys know that I'm always up for a challenge. I love trying new things and pushing myself to the limit. To really examine the possibility I'm going to list some of the ways this would affect my life:
  • no cooking microwave/oven/stove/refrigerator (I don't have a gas stove, but I guess I could find one!) This would be annoying after a whole month, but totally doable. Get used to eating things cold and eating as a vegetarian. You would only prepare what you could eat that day because there wouldn't be a great way to store it after. Lots of canned veggies/fruit/protein shakes, hopefully the store would still have electricity so I could get some fresh. Otherwise I'm left to living off the land (garden). I imagine we would cook some meals over a fire as well.
  • no warm water! Also annoying, but I would take really fast showers! This would bother me a little with cleaning/sanitation, but once again there is always the fire! (or gas stove)
  • no tv, computer No problem at all for me. I watch a ton of tv right now, but I know I could switch to books in a heartbeat and not even notice. Computer would be harder, but not impossible-actually a little refreshing.
  • no lighting I would just live the hours of the day, and use a little bit of candle light. Not a big deal
  • no blow dryer/flat iron Easy one-just do it curly everyday.
I may be overlooking something huge, but right now that seems to cover my life. I'm not saying it would be easy, but after looking at this list I'm sure I could do it. Now living without running water for a month-that would be a little harder!

Tricky-I could keep my cell phone, just charge it in the car!


Daniel and Leslie said...

I tried to do this for a weekend. It was pretty hard. You never think it is going to be until it is upon you.

We did it as an emergency preparedness weekend. We thought we were prepared. We were wrong. Give it a try....I'd like to know how other people do.

Kelli Boyd said...

You're crazy girl! :-)