Tuesday, December 29

Zoo Lights

I don't know who the nutso was that thought zoo lights would be fun the week of Christmas (me along with a lot of other nutsos), but it was absolutely packed. Basically everything was a line-line to get into the parking lot, line to get out, line to get into shuttle parking lot, line to get on shuttle, line to get in zoo, line to get on train...you get the point. The longest line was the train line at 1.5 hours. I got to hold the spot for everyone. It was fun. (I didn't think to take a picture of the signs until 30 minutes in, but trust me it was long)One of the major highlights was seeing Rudolph. We spend a lot of time watching classic Christmas movies, so LM is well acquainted with him.

Oh yes, I must also mention that it was bitterly cold-like freezing for OR. Definitely below 30, which in my opinion is way to cold to be outside.

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Amy said...

I have always wanted to go to Zoolights...after reading this I think I'll go on some Tuesday in early December! You were quite a trooper for holding the place in line!