Tuesday, December 29

Bowling adventure

During our holiday break with family, LM got to go to a bowling birthday party. I was impressed with his raw talent. He almost won--the kid who did won was at least 5 or 6, so I was proud. (I'm a little competitive) His method was to roll the ball as slowly as possible, giving it plenty of time to straighten out as it went down the alley. His most impressive shot--a spare with split pins. Honestly I'm still not sure how he did that.Since it took about 5 minutes for the ball to make it down the alley, he usually took the opportunity for a short nap.

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Amy said...

Soren has only been bowling once...at a birthday party. I still really, really want to do it as a family outing. When it was all kids bowling it took so long for each kid (you know that whole napping on the lane thing kind of slows down the game!) that they only managed about 5 frames before everyone ran on to do something else!