Tuesday, December 29

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is all about the family traditions--some of ours:

Ethnic dinner-This year we made Indian! (with a little help on the naan from India Palace)

Christmas story--I always hated reenacting the story, so we use our nativity set.Read " The Night Before Christmas"Open 1 gift from mom and dad--always a new book. This years was "The Little Engine That Could"
Then it was off to bed, but first we left out an apple for Santa. We figured with all the cookies he was getting that night, he would appreciate something healthier.


Sarah said...

I love your traditions! It gives you something new and something old to look forward to every year!

Amy said...

How kind of you to be so considerate of Santa's health!

I love Christmas traditions. Such a special, special aspect of this season.

Trish said...

We heard from Mom and Dad that it was such a great time. We would have loved to be there!! I'm dying to know what lens you have!!