Tuesday, December 29


Santa's work complete

Christmas morning is still not crazy early for us because LM is such a good sleeper. As normal Bill and I were up first trying to hold ourselves back from waking him. When he did wake up, we prompted him with questions to get him to remember it was Christmas. It really took him awhile to even get that Santa had come. It was so cute right at the moment he did remember. His eyes lit up and he ran out of the bedroom. LM really made out this year. He got to open 2 gifts for every one of ours. It amazes me that no matter what I do, it seems that he is inundated with gifts. In fact, he got a little bored with opening gifts and skipped some turns to play with his new toys.

Although LM has been playing almost equally with all his gifts, I think his favorite is a "metal grinder" he got from his cousins. It is basically a toy that makes a ton of noise. It did come with this fabulous face shield and ear covers. He was so cute in it as he worked on the Christmas tree, but we just couldn't handle the noise! Now he is only allowed to use his grinder in the bedroom-or wherever there are no people.

Bill's parents opening the little video camera they got from JJ and Trish.

My sister Liz with her New Moon soundtrack--she is not a Twilight fan at all, but I thought she could appreciate the music. And I love to spread Twilight propaganda around.

Bill and JJ got some new jeans-of course I made them go try them on right away. Bill loves how his butt looks in a good pair of 7s.

Of course I had to play at least one trick on JJ--actually we had several little jokes. This gift was one of the box within a box within a box gifts--a gift card in the very inner box. I really took pride with this gift because each box was wrapped just as beautifully as the one before.
Bill definitely made out like a bandit--some new recording thing from JJ, new jeans, Muse tickets, etc But I think his favorite was the "pleasure pack" of condoms from me. I love giving gifts like this! As you can tell, at first he was a little confused.

Then he got it.

Now he's happy--who doesn't love the gift that keeps on giving? (Notice how he still kind of hiding it with the wrapping paper--I love embarassing people!)

LM had a classic moment with Bill--as he handed Bill the gift he got for him he told him what it was. At least hew waited until Christmas day--he told my sister Liz what her gift was the moment she walked in the door.

As usual the photographer is never in any pictures--something I absolutely hate! Oh well-I was there as evidenced from the fact that their are photos.

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Trish said...

Sorry about the noisy grinder. I bought it on purpose. What's an aunt to do?