Sunday, September 6

Ode to Jewels

Not jewels as in diamonds and rubies, but Jewels as in my gem of a friend Julianna. She is the type of person you meet once and right away know you want to be better friends with. I'm not really sure how else to describe her than to say she is her own person. Probably one of the most unique people I know with an amazing fashion sense. It didn't take long before she was one of my best friends at work. (pictured above: Julianna, Courtney, me, Amy; unfortunately the only picture I have of me and Jewels from the evening. This was in the later part of the event, so she was already in her "party" wedding dress. The other gals are good good friends from work.)

During the short amount of time I've known her, Jewels has taught me a heck of a lot about life. Her advice always seems to hit the spot, and she isn't afraid to say the difficult things. She is loyal like no other, and despite her sweet and caring personality, she is one tough nut. I can't say enough about how lucky I am to have her as one of my friends.

Her wedding was beautiful and amazing. The best part was seeing her marry someone who is truly perfect for her. The ceremony was hilarious! It was very entertaining, but still sweet. You really have to know Matt and Julianna to get what the whole thing was about, but it worked so well.
This was the scenery from the backyard the wedding was held in! Amazing.

Dinner was delicious! (Marco-Polo) It was one of those times where everything just went so fast. We left the festivities early (11 pm), having no choice but to opt out of the overnight party, camping, and morning breakfast due to the LM at home.
His and Hers cakes; The peacocks were a big reoccurring theme of the whole wedding. Jewels used the feathers to decorate everywhere. (by the way, every single piece of this wedding was planned 100% by Jewels; she has an amazing eye for detail)
Oh yes, there were even glow sticks! (Matt, the groom, ordered those just a few weeks before the wedding after an inspiring Phish concert.)

I wish there was more! All I can say is I'm so glad I have the most amazing and talented friends ever. Truly an event to remember.

Did I mention that the rain even stopped for this event? About 20 minutes before the ceremony started, it poured! We were all under tents, but people were still getting wet and rain was coming through the cracks. They passed out towels, but it wasn't needed because the rain stopped almost as soon as it started. And then it was clear for the rest of the evening, night, and into the morning. Literally perfect!


Amy said...

Hey - I recognize that view! Was it near my house?

Looks like a lovely wedding!

Arin said...

It was fun to see a couple shots fo the amazing event you described. Hope more will trickle in later maybe?

Oh and your dress...probably mostly because I own it too...I know shocking!