Sunday, September 6

wedding woes

I went to the best wedding ever last night--so many stories, but do you notice how empty this post is? Yup, my camera battery was out before I even took the first picture!! First time I have made that annoying mistake. I didn't let it ruin my night, but it did ruin about 30 minutes.

(as soon as my friends get some of their pics up, I'll steal a few for the blog!)


Amy said...

Ah, for the days when you used a camera that used AA's eh?!

I can totally relate. I am on vacation and forgot my battery charger! My camera is so awesome at battery consumption that I don't always think of it. But now I'm at 50% and have 3 more days to capture - wish me luck!

Arin said...

Bummer I was so looking forward to seeing some pictures from the event. Hopefully you find some good ones to steal!