Tuesday, September 8

by the way

2 weeks ago we got the news, LM was off the waiting list for preschoool! We made it in, and his first day is tomorrow. Granted he can't actually say his teacher's name (Miss Jemima, LM calls her Miss Jemama), but he is very excited. Tonight we packed his lunch together. All he really cared about was the juice box.


Amy said...

Miss Jemama! Love it!

You may want to introduce the same rule that I've introduced in our house: Peter is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allowed to call her "Aunt Jemima" in Soren's presence. Yes, as much as it makes us all giggle, we just CANNOT have Soren accidently do that at school! LOL.

Have a good day, Will! Soren is excited to have you in his class. He'll be back on Friday.

Jen said...

Yay!! You'll post pictures of the first day, right? He's such a cutie and I am dying to see what his fashion maven mom chose for the pivotal first-day outfit!

Arin said...

Yeah LM...hope Jamo is joining you soon!