Wednesday, April 8

Dr's visit

Time for the yearly check-up. There were 4 things that stood out to me about this visit:

1.) LM loved the gown. He was so excited to wear a "dress."

2.) Going along with number 1, when asked if he was a girl or a boy, he had no response. The doctor than looked at me and asked if I had discussed this with him yet. I just said no, but I wanted to say I didn't know I was supposed to.

3.) LM's height is in the 75th percentile. His weight is in the 95th. Time for 2% milk. The dr showed me a graph with his BMI, apparently he is borderline overweight! She then asked me about his eating, and immediately rebuked me for giving him whole milk. Once again, I didn't know I was supposed to be on 2% already! What happened to mom school? (Question: if he is so chunky, why can't I find any pants to fit him? The 3T are still falling off!)

4.) When asked his name he said "little man." The doctor thought he was saying his real name (surprisingly the two do sound similar), so she said, "good" and tried to move on. LM then said "no, little man." The doctor said "I know, now..." and LM interrupted again with even more urgency and consternation saying, "No, little man!" again. I hurriedly covered up by saying, "good job LM, what's next?" I didn't what the doctor to know that LM actually thinks his name is LM. I'm glad I did considering all the other things I found out I'm apparently doing wrong!

But who really trusts doctors anyway?


Prestwich Family said...

Well, you're better than me. Cause I didn't even realize they need a check up at age 3. And I used to work in a doctor's office. I just remember them getting there shots at two and not needing them again till Kindergarten.
Cal's almost 4 so I guess I better get him in.

Sarah said...

The boy/girl thing made me laugh!! Who knew?

The Peton's said...

Well, if whole milk vs. 2% is the worst you ever do, then congratulations! Better big, burly and healthy than wussy and wimpy. Go LM!!

Amy said...

You should have asked "And so when I mix in the cocaine it should only be with 2%, not whole milk?"

If you ever find out where the mom's class is, please sign me up. I swear my online mom's group is the ONLY way I know what I'm supposed to be doing.

Tiffany said...

Doctors...they tell you to visit only once a year so you're on your own all year long. Then they tell you you're doing things wrong. It's a crazy system.

At least now I know what to prepare Lynnea for for her 3rd year appointment. Thanks for the heads up!

Oh by the way...All along Lynnea has always been taller than heavy on the percentiles (or at least the same), but at her 2 year appt she was 50% for height and %75 for weight. That got me concerned, but my dr said it wasn't a big deal. All dr's are different I guess. But I'm right there with you - I've got a sturdy kid too! : )