Thursday, April 9


I would like to consider the purpose of china. Why does a young girl find herself eagerly collecting expensive pieces of dinnerware? I'm sure there was a time when this was necessary and enjoyable. If you are making your own clothes and working on a farm your whole life maybe china was your one luxury. However now there are many luxuries available for all ages. Now I can understand that there may be a point in your life when it is desirable to have some more expensive dinnerware. I'm unconvinced that everyone reaches this juncture (case in point, my mom, although she still has many years left, maybe she'll surprise me and randomly purchase some). Even if you do decide that you would like to own some of this dinnerware, how often do you actually use it? Is the purchase worth the 5 times a year that it is pulled out. Having expensive clothes taste I can always justify a purchase with the price per use. This does not work with china as the price per use is still extremely high. And then think of the young children who will break the china; price per use just jumped up. I do believe that it is nice to have some type of "special" dinnerware, but this could be just another set from Target (once again-my mom).

I did start of a collection of china when I got married; however I've decided that this commits me to nothing. I can still sell the whole set at any time. Sure I won't get as much for it, but anything is good if I never use it. So why haven't I sold it? Every time I pull it out I think it is so beautiful. I can't help but think I will use it. I guess this is just a part of evolution. I'm programmed to believe that china is gorgeous. In fact, as I went to the Lennox website to find out more about pricing, re-selling, care, etc I found many beautiful place settings that I would eagerly buy if I had some extra cash.

With all these considerations in mind I'm now committing to use my china for the most trivial of matters from here out.

Note: I must add that I'm actually very good at coming up with reasons to use the china; however there is a major setback. I still have yet to get matching linens. There is nothing like using the nice china with paper napkins.


Mo said...

still don't have any, but your commentary is making me laugh!

Prestwich Family said...

This is so funny you bring this up. I just said to Travis the other day that our china is kind of pointless. In our almost 17 years I think we have used it maybe 4 times. So I told him I would like to bring it out once a month for family dinners and this would be our etiquette nights. I get so tired of having to tell my kids to clothes their mouths or elbow off the table kind of stuff. So maybe by using this we can have a good time and teach them a thing or two. Plus it will be a fun way to come up with some fancy menu plans!!

Sarah said...

At Grandma Sheranian's every Sunday we always-- and still do-- eat on heirloom china with paper napkins and crystal, stem glasses. we love it!

Jen said...

I didn't even register for it when we got married. I've always thought it was a waste of money...We registered for camping equipment and a BBQ instead!