Tuesday, October 2

Lost and now found

I've finally made a decision. 

When I quit my job I couldn't imagine not working full-time. For 3.5 months I applied for any positions I was qualified for (over 80 jobs). No one wanted me! I got one interview for a job I wasn't really qualified for as became apparent during the interview.

Somewhat discouraged and enjoying the stay-at-home life, I started to consider not working at all. LM started school, and I was able to be with him before and after school. I also spent time volunteering and a lot of "me" time.

After about 1 month of this I realized it wasn't going to work. I was able to fill my time for one month, but I can't do this the whole school year. But I like spending more time with LM. So now I'm officially on the job hunt again for a part-time job. It feels good to have some direction in my life again. Now I'm not expecting this to be easy after my previous job hunt experience, but I think this is the right course for me at this time.

With that in mind, if anyone hears of some great job opportunities let me know!

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