Friday, February 4


Bill is at a funeral. His best friend died at 34. They lived together for longer than Bill and I have lived together (8 yrs). He is in Dallas-hot spot right now considering the Super Bowl is this weekend. I called him this morning, and he said there is a crazy blizzard. So crazy they couldn't get the casket to the church. So there is no viewing or burial today, just the service.

LM is sick, so I'm missing work to be at home with him. Usually Bill takes that duty because it is easier for him to make up work during weird hours. I need to be at my job during the day. LM is missing the school field trip, bowling. He is pretty mad about that. We're going to go bowling for FHE.

I have some pictures to put up here, just not the energy. I've been spending all my time organizing my photos. I have Lightroom, but I've never taken the time to seriously get things in order. It will feel good to get it done. I'm participating in our church photography class. The teacher did photography as her undergrad. She is a great teacher; it really makes a difference to have an actual assignment to get me working on my photography instead of just taking pictures. It is nice to get feedback.

I was saved from having the mammogram the other day. When I went in they said they really didn't want me to have to go through that (b/c of pain, radiation? Idk why). They decided to do an ultrasound first; it came up clean. I asked the tech if I could take the pictures home to put up on the fridge; he said no. For some reason my doc still wants me to see a breast specialist. I don't know if I'll go or not. If I do I'll wait until next insurance year (March), gotta take care of that deductible.

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Kelli Boyd said...

What happened to Bill's friend? :-/