Thursday, January 13

here comes a little teen

LM: Mom I want to get the big boxes of raisins, not the little ones.

Me: LM you don't need a big box for your lunch, you won't eat all of them.

LM: But all my friends get big boxes.

Me: That's ok, but you can just get the little ones.

LM: My friends call me a baby because I bring the little ones.

Me: Just tell them you don't like raisins that much.

LM: Mom we are having a fight.

Me: We are? About what?

LM: About raisins.


Jen said...

Awww... your first fight. Way to go Will, asserting your raisin rights!! :)

Amy said...

You big meanie depriving him of the big raisins!

And - between us moms - Soren doesn't bring big boxes of raisins to school either. So next time you fight about raisins you can remind him of that.

Tiffany said...

Too funny! Way to stick to your guns!