Tuesday, December 7


I finally got to go to Prom with the person I always wanted to go with. Bill and I attended Evening d'Elegance in Nov put on by the Salem Chamber of Commerce; and it was black tie.

The fundraiser features a silent and live auction with dinner and dancing. Luckily Bill's firm footed the bill since tickets/tux weren't in our price range this year. However, I of course got myself a new dress, jewelry, hosiery, make-up, etc.

Dinner fine, band AMAZING, dancing fun as always, live auction outrageous, but my favorite was dress watching. After I picked out my two favorite dresses I also made sure I got to know the gals because I totally respected their style. We did end up winning something in the silent auction--a little family fun pack (tickets to Enchanted Forest, AC Gilbert, etc). Perfect for us and a nice way to give back to the Chamber of Commerce, but in our price range.

One fun part of the evening--they even had pictures just like prom! Can't wait for next year.

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Jen said...

How cute!! Even better cause there's no acne and braces like the standard prom photo...