Sunday, November 7



This was our first time going to DL in Oct, so of course we did the special Disneyland Halloween (no lines and lots of candy). We all got trick-or-treating bags to carry around; however I seemed to be the only one who seriously took advantage of that. It was basically the same as DL on a regular night, but everyone was dressed up, spooky music was playing, and it cost extra. LM did get to see his twin (Captain Hook) in one of the parades.

Watching the parade. (for the second time)

The best part for LM was the Jedi training class he got to be apart of. We were so nervous he wouldn't get picked because then we would have to go to the show again. The kid had his heart set on it. They started the class by teaching the kids different moves. Then Darth Vadar came to fight and each kid got to fight him individually.

At the end the Jedi instructor gave all the kids their instructions for further training and then announced them to the audience. As you can see LM could never quite figure out which direction to turn--he was so tired.

We also went to the official opening of the park at Toon Town. There was a quick show and we were made honorary citizens for the day. Woo-hoo. LM had fun.

The best show was at California Adventures, a fountain/light show. It was actually kind of spectacular. Definitely my favorite ever.

Ride we actually waited in line for twice and loved: Soarin' Over CA
Ride we actually waited in line for twice and hated: Nemo (according to Bill and I)
Most surprising no wait line: Splash Mtn and Space Mtn--walked right on during special Halloween event night
Disturbing: Counting over 100 Captain Jack Sparrows
Tears: LM before the Darth Vadar show even started when I explained to him that not every kid would get to go up
Sick: Winnie the Pooh ride (how did Bill get out of that one?)

Happiest Place on Earth: DISNEYLAND


Bonnie said...

hahahahaha. winnie the pooh ride is SICK! lol.

Jen said...

I'm so jealous! I want to take the kids next year. Looks like you had a blast!

Kelli Boyd said...

you should have called!

Amy said...

I love Disneyland so much! It is just so much fun. LM looks so awesome in his costume! And wow on the Jedi training - that is cool!