Monday, September 27


We have finally submitted the initial application for our adoption. For those of you who don’t know, we decided back in March/April to adopt internationally as the next step to growing our family.

A lot of people have asked us why we’ve chosen adoption over biological (since it is a choice for us), why we have chosen international vs domestic, and why Ethiopia. Here are some answers

Adoption vs biological

  • We’ve always wanted to, so why not now
  • Although wanting another child, not really feeling ready to be pregnant again (although I really do want to have more biological as well)
  • And just knowing, after prayer, it is without a doubt what we need to do right now

International vs domestic

  • Once again always wanted to
  • Loving, loving, loving to travel and learn about other cultures
  • Although there is a huge need here, feeling the call to help somewhere else
  • Not ready to deal with some of the things that can occur here with biological parents
  • Prayer
There are many reasons that we chose to adopt an Ethiopian child.
  • We fit all the criteria to adopt from Ethiopia (or so we hope). All countries have different restrictions regarding age and income that we wouldn’t meet.
  • The waiting time is minimal compared to other countries
  • The need is overwhelming—high birthrate, food shortage, and 6 million orphans
  • Interest in the culture, and gorgeous people
  • Being able to get the age and sex we are interested in
  • Main reason-just knowing it is the right country without a doubt. Our baby is there.

I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on what is happening, but just know the process is slow. If we had a baby 18 months from now I would be overjoyed. It is a long process that we hope results in a new addition to the family. In the meantime I found this little comparison on another blog and thought it was cute.

Belly Pregnant - talking about expanding your family to include children

Paper Pregnant - talking about expanding your family to include children

Belly Pregnant - the trying to get pregnant phase (may take months)

Paper Pregnant - waiting for a match/referral (may take months)

Belly Pregnant - using a home pregnancy test

Paper Pregnant - Referral Day!

Belly Pregnant - announcing that you are pregnant

Paper Pregnant - announcing that you are adopting

Belly Pregnant - seeing your first ultrasound of baby

Paper Pregnant - seeing the referral/match picture of your child

Belly Pregnant - the waiting for baby to grow in your tummy

Paper Pregnant - the waiting for finalization of your adoption

Belly Pregnant - seeing another ultra sound of your baby

Paper Pregnant - seeing a follow up photo of your child

Belly Pregnant - giving birth

Paper Pregnant - traveling to pick up your child and the journey to bring him/her home

Belly Pregnant - waiting for hospital clearance to say you can take your baby home

Paper Pregnant - waiting for passports and visas for your children so that you can bring them home

Belly Pregnant - holding your child for the first time and welcoming them into your family

Paper Pregnant - holding your child for the first time and welcoming them into your family

Belly Pregnant - 3 Trimesters ( Tri1 = 1-12 weeks, Tri2 = 13-26 weeks, Tri3 = 27-42 weeks)

Paper Pregnant - many "Trimesters" (Tri1 = 1-12 weeks, Tri2 = 13-26 weeks, Tri3 = 27-42 weeks, Tri4 = 43-60 weeks, Tri 5 = 61-80 weeks, and Tri6 = 81-102 weeks and so on.)


sarah said...

that's awesome news! jeremy and i have been seriously considering this, too, in the near future.

we have some close friends that adopted their daughter mezmur from ethiopia last year. there's a link to their blog from our blog (under autumn and dan). she's a beautiful, beautiful child.

anyway, congratulations and i hope the dossier and referral time goes by quickly for you!

adventure knitter said...

That's awesome! Having been here in Africa for about 2 months now, I'd love to adopt a baby from here. Good luck with the process. When you come out to pick up your should swing down to visit and go on safari!

Trish said...

We are so excited for you and hope the best in all regards. It will be great for our family too to have a new cousin.