Sunday, September 26

Hot off the press

I got promoted; I now manage Lingerie! So if you need bras (or just to get sized) you know where to go.

Bill passed the bar. His work pointed out that really nothing changed. Regardless of whether he passed the bar or not, he still had to show up for work on Monday.

We had our first bite of sugar in over a year. Some of you know I always planned to do it for a year, but after a year I couldn't find the perfect time to stop. It just seemed weird. Well those reasons above made a perfect time. We both got sick. Big surprise. I don't know what to do now, I'm kind of eating it, kind of not.

I finally got a calling--after wanting to be in the Young Women's organization for as long as I can remember I finally am! (secretary) We love our ward by the way.

In addition to having no cable (even the basic channels), we now have no TV. It broke and we're in no hurry to fix it. Guess we'll be going to the church for conference.


Natalie said...

Congratulation on both of your good news!! That's great news.

We're matchers - our tv broke during our move. So we had to get a new one *sigh*.

Could you watch conference on the internet?

Bonnie said...

what about the fuzzy big screen in the garage? hahah

Jen said...

Congratulations!! I'll be down to get sized as soon as I figure out if I can lose some weight.

Arin said...

Congrats on all your big news! Way to go on the promotion!!!