Saturday, October 10

The Vault

Last night in bed Bill and I were discussing the brillance of Disney to keep such amazing control of their product. (yes, our pillow talk consisted of an analysis of Disney's marketing strategy) To have the confidence that your product will still be desired 5 years (or more) later! That is awesome...for them. For us it is not so great. Since LM was born I've been working on our Disney collection, but found it very frustrating to wait for some of my favorites. I'm so very close now. We just added this one to our collection last night:
And coming up in 2010, my all time favorite:

I'm was thrilled to read the news about this one in particular. It seems like every other day I'm wondering when will they get Beauty and the Beast out of the stinkin' vault! No more questions people, now just waiting.

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adventure knitter said...

I've been wondering when Beauty and the Beast would come back! Thanks for solving that mystery for me! We've been wanting that one in our collection as well.