Saturday, October 10

The boat

There is nothing better than spending the whole day skiing, and then coming back home for a crazy hot shower and yummy hot chocolate...especially when you're water skiing (and wake boarding) in Oct.

Yes I can confirm the rumors; we did get a boat. I didn't want to post anything official until I was 100% sure we had it. Considering we were out on it all day, I'm pretty sure it's ours.

Now just to clarify we actually bought this boat with 3 other couples, so it is only 1/4 ours. But we're excited to own our little 1/4 because we can't afford the other 3/4s for at least 10 years. It also allows us to have a nicer 1/4--meaning this boat is sweet! Our little "Moombita" as some of our friends call it, has everything a good boat requires--heating vents that pull out of the wall (so you can strategically place them), surround sound, cruise control, and...well I'm sure there is more, but I don't really even know that much about boats, so this sounds good to me.

Since this is a very end of the season purchase, we decided to take advantage of the last few days of summer (if you can even call 60 degree days that) and take out the boat. It was so worth it.
Bill was the first partaker--I just kept asking him if it was cold. He said yes. Thankfully we bought a wetsuit the night before which made the difference between I really hate my life cold and I hate my life cold. He was able to impress all of our new to skiing/wake boarding friends with his intermediate enthusiast skills. The fact that he even got air on the wake board was very impressive--and actually shocked me, we've been wake boarding exactly 2 times since we've been married, where did he learn this?
And if you're not impressed by the picture, blame it on my photography skills not Bill's wake boarding skills. It is incredibly hard to time a picture perfectly when you are bumping along on a speeding boat while trying to hold onto a 3 year old. I promise he got more air than this. (I seemed to catch all the photos just a second early, so he is basically in the same spot in every photo, on his way up)
LM was instantly familiar and comfortable with all the ins and outs of boating. He was a much better flag boy than any of us, always eager to celebrate a fall with the flag. Don't you love his life jacket? I sure do. (it came with the boat, previous owner having 3 daughters, so LM will be wearing pink life jackets for awhile)

I did wake board too, but I don't have proof. I think everyone was too busy giving me advice that they forgot to take pictures. Oh did I mention that finding women's wetsuits at the end of the season is hard? After 5 stores, Bill gave up. So I wore the XL men's wetsuit that the guys got. Thank goodness it fit! That could have been embarrassing. Anyway, my first time wake boarding was fun. And did I mention that it was cold? The best part was putting on the super wet, freezing cold wetsuit and jumping in the ice cold water. First try--crash and burn (but apparently that was the driver's fault for not giving me enough speed, remember we were all beginners besides Bill and Bill wouldn't drive with me because he wanted to keep our marriage intact). Second try--crash and burn. Third try--I got it! I got it! and then crash and burn. And then an absolutely ridiculous large sail boat came out of nowhere and stole our whole area. So someone had the brilliant idea to take me out of the water and move to a different area. That was a huge mistake. I had just adjusted to the water, but then I had to get out and sit on the freezing cold boat. I never really recovered after that. I had to go through the torture of getting into the water all over again, and then I was just too cold to do anything. But I'm excited for next year!

Yeah, LM is peeing off the side. I'm the crazy mom who always takes a picture of him peeing. But at least I didn't take pictures of any of the other guys.

It was an amazing day, and we spent the whole time congratulating ourselves on a well made purchase. Those heaters that pull out really came in handy. Bill even slalomed despite the choppy water and was able to impress us even more with his skill. And I really don't impress easily.


Jen said...

Ooh...I'm jealous!! Dave and I have talked about a boat, but we can only afford about 1/4 too... So Book Club boating party next summer??

The Peton's said...

Yeah, book club hosting in July? I'll fully support you in that effort. I'll drive to Detroit lake for some bookclubbing. Seriously, that is awesome!! You're in for some great family times!

Amy said...

that looks like a blast! 1/4 ownership is the best way to own a boat - genius!

Marsha Weidner said...

It has to be my all time favorite sport. It looks like so much fun. congratulations! Love, Mom

Sarah said...

That is awesome!! I've never been wake boarding or water skiing! Maybe I can come visit next summer and learn your guys' mad skills!

Art Tart said...

Becca I'm so impressed with your pictures. I can really tell a difference in your work from the few weeks you've had in your photo class. Amazing....and the boat looks fantastic too!

Julia said...

I didnt know you had a blog! I'm glad you finally left a comment so I could find you!

It's going to be a looong winter isnt it? Before we can get out there again!? You're much braver than I, we put the boat away for the winter before we needed wetsuits. Brrr! :)