Thursday, October 1

More fall

LM and I went to the park on Monday. And while there is nothing inherently exciting about that (besides the fact that I was Peter Pan and he was Captain Hook), I did bring my camera along so here are some recent photos.
(No it is not just a coincidence that the only photos posted are vertical. I have a severe addiction to vertical photos. I'm working on it)


Aubrey said...

I have an addiction to vertical photos as well! It's just so much easier to get the perfect composition than with horizontal shots. And what is it w/ boys this age? Every day he's Peter Pan, Matt's Captain Hook, and I'm Wendy or Smee, depending on how many people he wants to sword fight with. :) Must be a boy thing.

The Peton's said...

An addiction to vertical photos. . . Becca, you should get some help with that. I'm worried.

I love the fall too. Every fall, it's my favorite season. But then spring rolls around, and spring becomes my favorite. I have yet to settle on just one favorite.

Kelli Boyd said...

Great pics, Bec! I wish we would get some fall weather out here. We're still running the a/c and wearing shorts and flip flops!!! So much for a fall baby. To be fair, it is starting to cool off - especially in the evenings and I love that!

You've got a cute little guy on your hands there. Those big eyes - love 'em!