Wednesday, September 30

Last day of Sept!

Who can believe it? I can't. I have officially decided that fall is definitely competing with spring as my favorite season. However one thing I hate about fall is how fast it goes by! This time of year is crammed with activities and holidays leaving you rushed and breathless until Jan. As I've been training for my 1/2 marathon I'm wondering why anyone would train for one during the summer--it would be just too dang hot! I love the cool crisp mornings when I go for a nice long run. The leaves are beautiful; the air is fresh (except when a huge cement truck goes by). Saturday is our friend's huge fall festival held every year. I have to admit--it has become one of the true markers of this season for me. It includes everything a good fall festival should including pumpkin carving, square dancing, gigantic bonfire, a good bluegrass band, and lots of roasted animals. I can't wait.

I think fall is LM's favorite season too because of his obsession with leaves. Now he doesn't have to bug me and Bill to get one off the tree for him--they are all over the ground, so he can gather to his heart's content.

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Jen said...

Great picture! Fall is my favorite too. I love the it when I need the heater in the morning & A/C in the afternoon. And how green everything looks after rain and the trees all turning colors... Not to mention pumpkin pie, hot apple cider, hay rides, pumpkin carving...what's not to love??