Friday, August 21


Forks is naturally a perfect stop on 101 as you head down the WA coastline. Of course, Bonnie and I may have had other motives when we planned the trip, much to Bill's dismay.
We actually started in Port Angeles, stopping at a wonderful local restaurant for dinner. I think the rest of the pictures are self-explanatory...if you're a Twilight fan. If not-this post really means nothing, so feel free to skip ahead.

The Swan residence
We also stopped in at the store "Dazzled by Twilight" one of the best themed stores I've seen. We got some little trinkets, but Bill refused to let me purchase any clothing that referenced Twilight. We comprised with the board game--anyone want to come play?


ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

that's so funny! I just got into twilight, and ELiot suggested we made a trip up to Forks!! I guess I wont have to now, I can just look at your pictures! (is that "the" truck, or just a replica?)

suzi said...

So cool! I love those books. How are you guys?