Monday, July 6

Life has become just a little bit too convenient and easy

I've been working on this one for awhile--it seems everyday I have a different fabulous moment with my phone.

Some examples:
Waiting in the car for Bill after church. Check e-mail, e-mail from a certain store catches my eye, click on link and explore website of store only to see something I thought a friend would like, copy link and text to friend. Bill finally gets to car.

Driving home from San Francisco, stopping in a town we were completely unfamiliar with, looking for a yummy breakfast, search for restaurants on one of my apps, find a fabulous local breakfast place.

Can't sleep, get i-phone and listen to a mediation app, now every night when I won't stop talking Bill says "get your i-phone"

At home relaxing, stretching, in pain after running class, doing some yoga on my own but wanting a little bit more, insert yoga app with instructions, pictures, and music.

Angry, tired, bored LM, knowing we would still be at the place for another 15 minutes, i-phone games for kids (his favorite are memory and a puzzle game)

I knew the i-phone was the phone for me about 8 months ago. Ever since then it has been a long count down for my old cell phone contract to finally end. Now that I finally have my phone it is scary how right it is. For someone as obsessed with google as I am, I don't know how I survived without it.

One more story:
The other day a friend asked me if I liked my phone, and if I had any cool apps. I started going through each app talking about it and why I liked it. About 5 minutes later I stopped as I realized I had just spouted off an insane and overwhelming amount of info that was probably way more than she had wanted. So beware friends-do not ask me about my apps-I really do love them and talking about them.


Jen said...

I am so jealous. I HATE my stupid phone, which is an ipod copycat. I am so tempted to pay the cancellation fee with Sprint and get an iPhone, but I just can't be that indulgent in this economy. I'll have to live vicariously through my friends with iphones.

Amy said...

Mine isn't an I-phone, but it is a smartphone and I have to say that I have so many stories like yours, Becca! I love, love, love always having the option to just look something up. Love it.