Tuesday, July 7

It's that time of year again.

And this year I can hardly wait! So often when summers would arrive I would start getting stressed and anxious anticipating the crazy sales and an overwhelming work schedule. It is so interesting that before I quit work I saw having the summer free as one of the benefits of quitting. Now I'm just asking to get back in. I do feel lucky that I was able to work for a few years at a job that I absolutely loved. And I'm excited because it will feel a little bit more like the old times for the next two weeks. With the sale right around the corner, I will be working almost full-time to help out! I really am lucky because I can pick my own schedule and work for only a few weeks and then be done again. But I really do miss it.

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Aubrey said...

Hey! We got the ties at Quilted Bear, they are only $5 each. Once we found out about that place we only shop for ties there. :) So if you're ever in Utah, you should definitely stop by and pick some up! They have some really cute ones and you can't beat the price.