Thursday, April 9

The Preschool Adventure

Next year is the first year LM has the opportunity to attend a preschool, so this week I started investigating the option. I'm not even sure I want him to go to preschool next year, but I figured I better start looking at the options just in case.

Because he has had time at daycare, I know he enjoys interacting with other children and doing activities. He is a pretty independent kid. I think he would do fine with it intellectually and socially, but now that I've started staying home with him, I'm not sure I want to have something on my schedule so soon. I don't like having restrictions! However I think he would love it.

If we do go, there are several preschools in the area that would be good options. We are starting our visits today.

Of course I've done some on-line research to help me identify what I'm looking for. (my favorite thing in the world-research) If anyone has tips please let me know!


Prestwich Family said...

Check out Judson Baptist. We love it and it is not too expensive and the class sizes are perfect. And I like it cause they follow the Salem Keizer school district schedule. They are over by our church.

Amy said...

Montessori Discovery rocks! Not too far from you either.

Good luck in your search.

Jen said... help here. But I'm enjoying your much-more-frequent blogging since you've been home!

Trish said...

With Max I did one year at what I call the Hippie/Commie preschool that was all about play and socializing. He did great there learning how to be around other kids etc. This last year he went to a more formal preschool that I have LOVED. Max can almost read and has made fantastic friends. For their first year I don't think it matters much because they usually go only two days a week. The next year is more important as they are getting more ready for Kindergarten. Jack is going to the second school two days a week next year. It will be great.