Saturday, April 11

Easter Egg Hunt 1

Last night was a less traditional hunt, and it was actually for jelly beans not eggs.

Bill and I were at Walmart preparing for the great holiday approaching. I headed for the candy aisle in search of jelly beans. (My favorite are probably Starburst, but I also like to see what other brands are available. I was lucky enough to have a father that supported all jelly bean companies by holding jelly bean taste tests, so I know my beans) Anyway, I was starting to get a little nervous as I went up and down the aisle with no luck finding the beans. I went into the next aisle and still no luck. So I figured they must be in the grocery section of the store. We wandered on over and much to my dismay, there were no jelly beans there either. Back to the Easter aisle because maybe I missed them. This time Bill helped, and we did a thorough search. Still nothing! I went to the very unhelpful Walmart employee, and she pointed me to 1 small box of Brach's jelly beans. Well, I may be open to other brands besides Starburst, but Brachs! I don't think so.

At this point I knew how my evening would be spent. With each rejection at Walmart, my need for the jelly beans grew stronger. So we went on to Safeway. I was surprised that Walmart had no variety in jelly beans. Usually they offer the most types. At Safeway Bill just ran in to grab the beans. But then he ran back out empty handed. I could not believe it. He reported that they also only had the Brachs jelly beans! This was just too strange for me. I was now getting angry.

I knew I had to go to Roth's next. They are usually more expensive, but I can depend on them to have those hard to get name brand items. Thankfully we were in luck. Although they actually only had about 3 bags left of the Starburst jelly beans!

I went home and tried to do some research on Google. It is very hard for me to believe that Walmart and Safeway had no other jelly beans than Brach's without some type of jelly bean shortage. However, my research turned up nothing. So I'm guessing everyone loves the Starburst jelly beans as much as I do.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog googling on "jelly bean shortage." My 3 year old wants Jelly Beans, but I haven't seen a single one this season. Tonight we checked Wal Mart, Target, Shopko, and Walgreens, and not a single Jelly Bean. I would have been happy with Brachs at this point. There must be a shortage. I've never completely struck out on a Jelly Bean hunt before, usually these things at least make it to the post holiday clearance. Weird.

Prestwich Family said...

I think you just waited too long. I saw lots of jelly beans at Walmart out south a few weeks ago. But my family hates jelly beans. Travis likes them okay and he says the best ones are the Starburst Jellybeans. Didn't even know there was such a think!

Prestwich Family said...

Okay I am such a retartd. I meant to say Skittles jellybeans. But then after I told Travis what I did he said no I like the starburst kind! Obviously I'm a little slow!

Sirpa said...

We found a NEW kind of jelly bean this year (at Walmart '*) ) - Nerds jelly beans. We all like them! They have a nerds candy coating on top and then jelly inside. I was really suspicious about them and only bought one bag. Had I known how much we would like them, I would not have bought the Starburst tropical bean, just two of these Nerds. Glad you found your beans though and wow! Sounds like y'all had some exciting egg hunts. I really like the money kind!!

The Peton's said...

Alright - you gots to getchyer beans early! When I worked for Albertson's, I was over all the candy. No matter what - we always ran out of beans a few days early. I've found that Target has a good selection - early.

Jen said...

The same thing happened with my fave - cadbury mini eggs - during the last week before easter. I went to 5 stores and no one had them! Luckily Freddie's got more before the big day. We were at Walmart too, the day before Easter and they were pretty much wiped out of anything good.