Tuesday, April 14

Potty Training New and Old

I hate potty training. To be honest, I must say I never really gave it a fair shake. From day 1 of having a child I repeated over and over my dislike and annoyance with the anticipated event. Now that it is actually hear my feelings have only deepened. I tried to pass the buck to Bill over Christmas break. LM seemed ready--he was regularly sitting on the toilet and taking about going to the bathroom. Lena (daycare provider) was ready to take him on at her end, and she felt he was definitely ready. Christmas break was perfect because it was a solid amount of time at home with dad. And things went wonderfully-well, as wonderful as potty training can go. LM had a few accidents the first day, but was getting the hang of it. The next day was almost perfect with happiness on both ends. The third day everything ended. He wanted nothing to do with the toilet. He screamed and cried and kicked if we even mentioned it. So we laid off. There was no rush. Obviously he wasn't ready for that responsibility in his life.

Between then and now we haven't even had time to think about it. There was no way Lena could just start it without us as the main backers. So I figured, I'm home, perfect time to try again. Except I might not survive. Apparently LM feels the same way as he said "diapers forever."

The paragraphs above were written Saturday, but yet to be posted because I was still adding to it. Sunday was a new day. It started out like any other day, but after the festivities at the Bauer's LM randomly started going potty all on his own. He had to go; he told us; he went. Since then he has had only 1 accident! ONLY 1! This is huge! He is going on his own now without us even having to help. My feelings have changed completely.

What was the trick? I can think of two things that might have been the changing point.
1.) All last week I would have him wear underwear, and then after an accident switch back to diapers. There was no consistency. We just went back and forth as I felt it necessary. Starting Saturday we just made him stay in the underwear/pull-ups full time. We forced him to be uncomfortable.

2.) Also starting Saturday we bought him his very very favorite toy "Wedgits." His love for these blocks is unparalled. I have never seen anything like it. He discovered the blocks at Lena's (daycare) and was going through withdrawals after being away from her place all last week. The rule was he could play with the Wedgits if he stayed dry. Saturday was a sad day for him, but then Sunday he pulled it out.

Well, whatever it was we are very very happy to be here.


The Peton's said...

You are telling my story! I too, hate pottie training and I would try, get frustrated, give up. But the week of my kid's 3rd birthday, they both decided to do it, and never looked back. Yeah for LM!!

Prestwich Family said...

I've never heard of these Wedgits. Cal's birthday is coming up. Can you get them her in town or do you have to order online? And I have never potty trained any of my kids. Travis usually started it all and then I would pick up the slack when needed. They probably would have been in diapers a lot longer if it wasn't for him.

becca said...

You can buy them online, but I bought mine at Learning Palace. I'm obsessed with that place.