Sunday, April 12

Easter Egg Hunt 3

Today we celebrated Easter with our good friends Amy and Nathan and their family. This is becoming somewhat a tradition as we spent the last 2 holidays with them as well (Thanksgiving and Christmas). For Easter they have a fabulous egg hunt because all the eggs have money, anywhere between $1-$25. There are no kids in the family right now, so it is a rather challenging hunt and very fun. They hid over 90 eggs outside in bushes, trees, even buried. LM joined the hunt this year with Bill's help and came away with $28. What a way to contribute to the family-he is already earning his way.

The beginning of the great hunt. Everyone is getting ready to go and listening to the instructions/history of the race. This tradition goes back to 1972 for their family.

LM looking for eggs.

Amy, she knows how to look fabulous and come away with the most eggs.

I love this picture because it captures the essence of the hunt. Most of the eggs were down low, so LM and Amy (shortest in the group) dominated. Whereas the big guys had to spend all their time bend over (take notice of the butts in the background).

Cashing out at the end of the hunt. Each egg has a slip of paper with the amt. you win written on it. Then you take it over to the "cashier" to get your winnings.


adventure knitter said...

wow! i want to come to THIS easter egg hunt next year...

Jen said...

Money hunts are the best. We used to spend Easter with friends in SLC who's eggs contained $2 bills, Susan B. Anthony dollars, half-dollars and any other odd/rare change their Grandma collected over the course of the year working at a convenience store. So much better than candy!!

Arin said...

We have the money hunt tradition in our family too...J came away the big winner this year with $30...he has his eye on a new Lego.

It's been fun catching up on all your "stay home Mom" adventures. Now that life is FINALLY getting back to normal for us we need to get together sometime...our sched is of course very open!