Saturday, February 28

the first amazing day

I'm happy to report that the elephant ride was successful. I highly recommend that to everyone. It was very very bumpy, but still wonderfully relaxing. Angkor Wat was amazing. The pictures do it absolutely no justice at all. We tried to get the big picture yesterday driving all around with our tuk tuk driver. Today we will get to go back and look at things more in depth.

At one stop we saw about 6 little monkeys. It was a little scary because they would come right up to you and want a banana by touching your leg. I'm not really ok with monkeys invading my personal space. However I took plenty of pictures for LM.

We also went to old market. I got to try the most amazing fruit ever. I forget the name right now, but I will let you know later. The best part is we got a whole bag (1 lb) for $1! Yum! We got to just snack on that all afternoon as we drove all around the city and outside. The market was insane with meats and produce all crammed into these alleyways. Then out of no where someone there would be a little tailor shop or hair salon all crammed together. Imagine getting a pedicure while looking at some animal innards. I have to admit I have become slightly vegetarian since being here.

We met up with our group last night. Everyone is wonderful. It is going to be an amazing trip. We are doing just a short warm-up ride today out to Angkor Wat, so it shouldn't be bad. Tomorrow we get to visit the first shelter! (and later in the trip we actually might get to meet Somaly--it is still not official, but a good chance!) This afternoon we are putting together the little gift packs for the girls.


Sarah said...

Wow! That is awesome!! You'll have to tell us all about the shelter. I'm so glad you're updating us regularly!

Bill said...

The "I'm not really ok with monkeys invading my personal space" is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time.

Prestwich Family said...

I am so glad you made it over safely! I kept meaning to email or call to tell you to have a great time. It looks like you are doing just that! I hope you are able to keep us updated. Best of luck on your bike rides!