Monday, December 29

Follow up on jury duty

I'm still reeling from my recent experience as a juror, but I know people are dying to hear details. It was an amazing learning experience and helped me to appreciate the system our government as in place. However, the emotional ramifications were more severe than I anticipated. The link below will tell you more. Each defendent had 25 counts against them. We decided they were guilty for almost every single one. It was a long week; I actually spent more time in the courtroom than I would have at work that week. On our last day (Friday, Dec. 19) we did not finish until midnight!

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Amy said...

Oh, Becca, I'm so sorry! When you mentioned jury duty my first thought was that I hoped that you weren't having to hear that case. I only followed it in the newspaper a little bit, but as a mother I know I would have agonized at hearing the details that I know you had to hear. And as they reported on the trial, and you mentioned that you'd be wrapping up soon, I wondered if you were going through it. I hope you are ok with listening to that. It was/is such a sad, sad story.