Sunday, July 13

World beat festival

Salem has a international festival the last weekend in June that offers some tasty food, music and dance performances, and lots of little trinkets for sale. What a great combination of all the things I love! I think Bill summed it up best by saying, "It is your happy place."

There were tons of tents with little shops set up. My favorite area was Africa where every tent seemed to be supporting a different African country. We didn't have much money on us, so we weren't interested in buying, but LM seemed to think otherwise. He was so excited about the wooden animals (giraffes, elephants, etc). He kept running back to one particular tent that was supporting Ghana. After several visits, the man at the tent gave LM one of the giraffes. I felt horrible! I tried to give it back, but he wouldn't let us. LM wasn't really helping as he ran away excited about his new "zebra." (He gets giraffes and zebras confused.) So basically we are stealing money from poor starving children in Africa.

We spent a few hours down there walking around, and then finished up the evening watching performances from the Makaha Sons and fire dancers. LM entertained everyone around us by dancing like crazy. The only time he sat still was when the fire dancers came on; his eyes were glued to the stage!

The only pictures I have from that day are from the evening. LM befriended a fellow watcher at the Makaha Sons. For some reason he wanted to sit and talk to this guy for a most of the evening.

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Amy said...

LOL on stealing from poor, starving African children.

We went to the festival too. It was sooooo hot! Still, we loved watching all the performers. We spent most of our time watching hawaiian/polynesian and Indian dancers. Loved it!