Sunday, July 13

Our 4th

Bill and I tried to put together about a million different things for the 4th, but none seemed to work out. However, our last minute plans turned out to be the best!

We started out in Portland. We found a fabulous deal at the Westin, so we were right downtown. Of course I had to do some shopping, but then we just hung out downtown. We ate at an amazing Indian restaurant, that surprisingly we hadn't tried yet. Then we went down to the riverfront to find a place for fireworks. I was excited to see how LM reacted to his first fireworks. He was actually unimpressed after the first few minutes. I think he had more fun people watching and playing with his glow necklace before hand. (The picture where he has the necklace over his face is him hiding his face from the camera. He didn't want his picture taken.)

LM was very impressed with the city as always. There is so much construction with all the cool trucks. Plus the Max constantly kept him entertained ("train, train, mom!"). Since we left the fireworks early we got to walk back through the city while they were still going off. The echo that the fireworks created in the city was amazing.

The next day we went to Hood River to see Thomas. Luckily one of our friends told us about all the fun things there were to do at the little Thomas festival. We arrived a few hours early so we could do the other activities. Our plan backfired a little when Thomas pulled in after a trip out and LM started freaking out. He wanted to ride Thomas right then! We were able to satiate his desire for train riding by riding the little train a billion times. It ended up working out ok, but next time I think we will ride Thomas first.

On the way home from Hood River we stopped at Bridgeport, a home away from home for some more last minute shopping. It was a great end to our trip.

(Note: You may be able to tell that LM does not like his picture taken! He loves taking pictures and looking at them on the camera, but will note pose. However, he will for our babysitter Lena, so she gets all the good shots!)


Trish said...

Max hates fireworks. Really he hates the loud noises and he is consumed with where the fireworks land, thinking they will burn our house down. Jackson was entertained but really more tired. I have thought about doing the Thomas thing. It comes down by Cincinnati, but I haven't yet. Was it worth it? You guys are great about getting out and doing such fun things!

Amy said...

I love staying downtown Portland. Reminds me that we haven't done it in awhile...need to go again.

Does Will like Indian food? I guess everyone likes naan though, don't they?

Sorry he was too distracted by the big Thomas to get too into the other stuff. I seriously think we could go to the event and never even ride Thomas. All Soren cares about is playing with all the trains!

ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

Looks like you had a great time! Will is growing up so fast!!