Saturday, May 17

School's out!

Bill is finally done for the year. I have to admit, I'm jealous. One of my favorite feelings is going back to school in fall; second favorite is ending school in spring. Work just isn't that same. On that note, one of our big sales was moved up a couple of weeks. Instead of June 4th, it is now starting May 21st. Ouch! I know I will be happy in June, but right now I'm completely stressed. We only have three sales a year, but it takes so much work and time to plan and execute each one...tiring. At Fashion Central we basically live event to event. A major plus is definitely the awesome deals! I already have a little handful of items picked out for myself. (Come see me if you need anything!)


Arin said...

Congrats on finishing a second year guys...I'm counting on more posts now that you don't have to share so much computer time!

Shalyse said...

congratulations to Bill, that's awesome! and I will need to come visit you, I am in the market for some "newness" too! :-)