Wednesday, April 23

The truth of the matter

We need two computers! I am very tired of sharing my computer with someone it is really his computer, but I'm ready for my own again. I know some people may be thinking...hmm...I knew you would regret giving your desktop away. However, I stand by my decision. A desktop would still have no room in our apartment, especially with my new table. What I really need is a new laptop...that is all mine. In the old house it wasn't really a problem because we didn't have internet access. I never really needed it anyway. Here I love having a computer because I'm obsessed with the internet. I'm sure my old roomies can attest to this fact. I love having the ability to research anything immediately. I don't have to wait! I can figure things out on my own. This is very important to me. Blogging is also very important to me, but seems to be impossible at times. I'm excited for the summer months when the computer will be mine again!


Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

what was the date of the duathalon?? I am getting pumped.
We need to start running together if at all possible.
I will be back in town tomorrow... I will call you soon. Miss you guys!

Arin said...

I hear ya...I'd go me some computer time!!!

Trish said...

I heard that at there are buyer remorse laptops that are basically opened and then returned immediately. They are highly discounted and have some good specs. I could also look at PC Mall who bought my company and see if I could get you a refurbished HP one. At Christmas time I get deals on Mac laptops. I'm sure your internet shopping savviness will find you the best deal, but if I can help, let me know. I do sell these for a living and hopefully could provide some sort of hook up! GOOD LUCK!