Sunday, November 18

Wonderful Weekend

I finally got a break! Our little family had a fabulous weekend spending some time away from Salem, and most importantly the school and Fashion Central. Friday I left Fashion Central early and met my man in Portland. We went shopping at the downtown Anthro, which is so fun because I usually only go to the one at Bridgeport. After our shopping we had dinner at Olea, an amazing Mediterranean restaurant. Seriously some of the best food I've ever had! That evening we stayed in the Vintage Plaza, and the next day met family in The Dalles.

So, my man's sister was coming to visit her husband's family in Washington and offered to drive halfway to meet us. This turned out to be The Dalles. We were not overly thrilled about spending the day there, but it seemed to be the best place to meet. We met at Cousins, a homestyle cooking restaurant, and then went over to the Discovery museum. The museum was actually pretty decent too. At least the kids were able to run around and play together.

Saturday on the drive home we stopped at Bridgeport for some more shopping. I just can't get enough of it! (I even got a head start on my holiday shopping.)

It was so fun to spend a weekend doing my favorite things with my favorite people!

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